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The Authority in Technology and Sales Recruitment

The North Starr operates a simple business model in order to provide a stellar service to everyone who interacts with the business. Using PEEEK Performance at its core, these five simple mantras are engrained in the very fibre of the business

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    Energy, passion and enthusiasm. A team to excite and inspire each other, who see opportunities in problems and are solution orientated.

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    Aspiring to be the best in the World is core to the business. World Class results require World Class performance and it is this refusal to accept mediocrity that forms the foundation of the company

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    First we understand the task; second, we own it and get it done, turning our strategy into simple, everyday actoins that make a business difference. It means that we are dedicated to delivery, every task, every day.

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    Esprit de Corps

    Together, we are committed to creating a unique, compelling learning environment of connection, collaboration, and communication. 

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    The DNA of the business. A constant drive to improve and master the basics. Doing the little things better and pushing for continuous learning and improvement