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North Starr is a renowned technology sales recruitment firm, matching the most exceptional sales talent with industry-leading technology firms.

The biggest obstacle to growth is building the right, high performance commercial team. We are expertly positioned to support you in addressing your recruitment challenges, supporting you through exciting company expansion.

Our Specialisms

At North Starr, we drive innovation and secure success for our clients in the recruitment landscape. Our expertise connects top talent with leading businesses, ensuring comprehensive and cutting-edge support for all your recruitment needs.

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hiring top commercial tech sales talent

The Solution: North Starr is able to offer a data-driven approach that welcomes an efficient hiring process, addressing both your immediate and long-term recruitment needs.

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Does your approach to Leadership compliment your Product? | Tech Salescraft with Michael Blumenthal, CRO at Hyro

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Global Growth From Israel | Tech Salescraft with Noam Segev, Vice President of Sales at Shield-IoT

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Humility Drives all Successful Founders | Tech Salescraft with Richard Blundell, Founder of Vencha

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