Global Growth From Israel | Tech Salescraft with Noam Segev, Vice President of Sales at Shield-IoT

Joining James from Israel for this episode of Tech Salescraft is Noam Segev, Vice President of Sales at Shield- IoT.

We explore the fascinating start-up economy in Israel, and the indisputable impact Noam has had on this ever-growing space. After joining Shield IoT, Noam is seizing boundless opportunities the marketplace has to offer, and driving unprecedented scaling programmes both internally and externally.

James and Noam explore scaling teams amidst a start-up environment, identifying the right time to hire and what skillsets are necessary in such unique circumstances. Throughout recent episodes of Tech Salescraft, James and industry leaders have discussed the best way to identify traits that marry with your vision and values; Noam furthers this conversation and reveals how to get the transparent and reflective answers you need.

And looking at the macro positioning of a firm, Noam reminds us of a companies primary responsibility: to serve the customer. Understanding the customer persona, the challenges, and how to overcome them, are crucial.

Thank you Noam for joining us on Tech Salescraft!

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