The Infectious Nature of Successful Sales | Tech Salescraft Chris Duddridge, VP of Sales, EMEA at Soroco

On this episode of Tech Salescraft, James is joined by Chris Duddridge, VP of Sales EMEA at Soroco.

Chris’ progression through the industry highlights the value in every stage of a sales career; from a call centre to a leadership role, Chris reveals the power of curiosity in allowing you to seize the opportunities each step of the journey inherently presents you with.

Delving into some of his learns further, Chris hones in on how firms can establish processes that allow them to get hiring right. Skills may be transferable, but cultural fit at one firm with similar values does not mean they will easily transfer to another. Understand what you do differently, and acknowledge how you can invite individuality into these wider goals and that workplace environment.

And when giving advice to sales leaders, it’s all about making success infectious. Identify the people that thrive amidst challenge, and return results synonymous with excellence; no matter what stage of growth you’re at, successful, adoptable processes should underpin your operations.

Chris simplifies success in this episode of Tech Salescraft- making sales brilliance accessible to us all.


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