Does your approach to Leadership compliment your Product? | Tech Salescraft with Michael Blumenthal, CRO at Hyro

Joining James from San Fransisco for this episode of Tech Salescraft is Michael Blumenthal, CRO at Hyro.

Building a sales team, a sales function, that is devised of complimentary facets, is central to creating an efficient, successful pipeline.

Is your leadership style able to further enhance this?

Michael offers us a step-by-step approach to a product-orientated leadership approach, exploring how this influences hiring and performance.

When it comes to hiring, Michael builds a clear picture of what it takes to identify the best people for your business:

  • Partnerships
  • Assignments in the hiring process
  • Testing improvisation
  • Customisation of questions

And we understand how your product-led leadership style can truly influence positive performance- particularly in the start-up phase.

Thank you Michael for joining us on Tech Salescraft!


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