Minimise the Risk of Failure | Tech Salescraft with Avi Wiesenberg, Founder of Scaling Revenues Consulting

Joining James from Israel on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Avi Wiesenberg, Founder of Scaling Revenues Consulting.

This episode is a fascinating exploration of the often elusive start-up culture. Having worked with multiple start-up firms throughout his fascinating professional past, Avi is well versed on what it takes to achieve stable success in an often volatile environment.

Avi shares how we can identify the factors and mindsets that will minimise the risk of failure. From heightening your awareness of cultural and geographical sensitivities, to deploying the benefit of experience when making your next crucial hire, Avi arms us with the ability to make success inevitable.

We take a closer look at the growing prominence of Israel in the start-up world; it is a fascinating discussion in which Avi provides us with exclusive insights into a hub driving global growth.

Thank you Avi for joining us on Tech Salescraft!


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