Shaping Leaders in Dynamic sales Environments

Tech Salescraft with Kyle Kearns, VP & GM Northern EMEA at Stratio

“Everybody operates differently. It’s about finding out what people’s strengths are, what their areas of improvement are, and about coaching them and developing them in the right way…”

Today on Tech Salescraft, James is joined by Kyle Kearns, Vice President and General Manager, Northern EMEA, at Stratio.

Kyle’s journey from Databricks to Starburst, and now Stratio, illustrates the power of aligning sales and technical discovery. As they explore the challenges and triumphs of being a sales leader, hear actionable strategies to cultivate a winning sales approach.

Drawing from his experience in both recruitment and sales, Kyle shares valuable insights on learning to sell complex technical solutions, building internal champions, and the power of mentorship.

The conversation also highlights the importance of coachability, curiosity, and adaptability when transitioning from individual contributor roles to leading successful sales teams.


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