Measure. Manage. Grow. | Anthony Parker, General Manager and VP Sales at Mindtickle

On today’s episode of Tech Salescraft, James is joined by Anthony Parker, CM & VP Sales, EMEA at Mindtickle.

Anthony is responsible for the hiring, development and performance of the fastest-growing region at Mindtickle. In this episode, Anthony details how tech is implemented to optimise a coaching centric approach to the development and performance of the business, marketing, sales and consultants.

The discussion leads to the interesting topic of “conversation intelligence” where Anthony shares how he uses tech to analyse sales calls and provide data-driven feedback without the need to listen to the entire chat. In turn, this helps provide detailed training, feedback and knowledge of the market’s ever-changing needs.

Anthony encourages our listeners to connect with him on LinkedIn for “the best memes in the SaaS game”. Thanks for joining us, Anthony, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for some witty tech sales content!


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