Curiosity as a Skill | Tech Salescraft with Liam Corcoran, GM & Head of EMEA at BytePlus

Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Liam Corcoran, GM & Head of EMEA at BytePlus.

Having previously founded his own business, Liam brings some truly diverse observations to the show, tracing his learns from his career beginnings to his current role at BytePlus.

We explore the centrality of your value proposition. Liam stresses how crucial it is to build your business around doing one thing extremely well, and establishing a clear direction you want to go in. It’s about being known for the value you add, not simply becoming a disposable want in the industry.

James also gets Liams thoughts on talent acquisition, and the often tricky to navigate interview process. At BytePlus, they have created a comprehensive feedback loop that runs throughout the process, allowing them to tailor each stage to the candidate and know which questions need to be asked next.

Thank you Liam for joining us on Tech Salescraft- it’s a truly brilliant conversation!


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