“I’m Fixing the Problems of the Future.”

Tech Salescraft with Ian Amit, CEO and Co-Founder of Gomboc.ai

Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Ian Amit, CEO and Co-Founder of Gomboc.ai.

A hacker at heart, Ian shares the career drivers that have propelled him through various professional ventures. As a person who works with start-ups in his free time, it’s Amit has an aptitude and passion for business.

We dive into business specifics, looking at the role of the CISO. Ian shares why this role is all about influence. And their place in setting the tone for the future.

And how do we account for Ian’s rise to the top? He is obsessed with that future. Whilst other founders are preoccupied with the present and past dilemmas, he is looking five, ten, even fifty years ahead. Would you know how to adopt this vision?

Join James and Ian on Tech Salescraft to learn more.


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