The Personal Context of Sales | Tech Salescraft with Idan Cataife, Sales and Business Development Expert

Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Idan Cataife, Sales and Business Development Expert.

Idan doesn’t come to the show with the biography of a typical salesperson. His background takes him through the military, a commission-only role in New York City, and a degree in Philosophy.  So how did Idan come to climb the sales ladder, and reach a point of indisputable success?

His learns from his time in America are particularly fascinating. Idan adopted a renewed appreciation and respect for sales here, understanding its professional weight, and the nuance to crafting a truly exceptional sales strategy.

Increasing interconnectivity means  no customer-base is out of reach. But to effectively sell to an external region, you need to understand its, and the people’s, personal context. Idan walks us through the approach we should take to establishing strong global relationships, and build an international sales network.

Thank you Idan for joining us on Tech Salescraft- this is a masterclass in sales excellence!


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