Humility Drives all Successful Founders | Tech Salescraft with Richard Blundell, Founder of Vencha

Welcome to another episode of Tech Salescraft! This week, James is joined by Richard Blundell, Founder of Vencha.

Richard is an incredibly driven sales expert whose inspiring career– from being a salesman in the 90s to CEO of leading Saas firms in the 2010s– has led him to help many others in their start-up journeys and beyond.

In this episode, Richard shares critical insights into what makes a truly ‘good’ founder and how he identifies them. Richard is a true salesperson at heart and his passion for selling good products and services, along with brilliant teams, is evident throughout their entire conversation.

He shares, “salespeople are legends the way they put their heart and soul on the line every day to get told “no” over and over again; their resilience is incredible.”

This episode is full of inspiring food for thought for any founders, wherever they are in their start-up journey.

Stream the full episode via your chosen platform below.


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