How Lemonedge Mastered an Entirely Remote Startup | Jamie Nascimento, Co-Founder and CCO at LemonEdge

On this episode of Tech Salescraft, James is joined by Jamie Nascimento, Co-Founder and CCO of LemonEdge.

In their conversation, Jamie describes his personal journey from his Artificial Intelligence Computer Science degree – where he met his Co-Founder, Gareth Hewitt – to his impressive history of sales and marketing across multiple well-known, iconic brands.

Jamie details the impressive story of LemonEdge from its founding in February 2020 (right before the unprecedented global disaster of Covid 19) and how they naturally adapted to the fully-remote environments that businesses found themselves in.

LemonEdge’s story has been nothing short of incredible. Jamie talks about how the company supports their staff all across the globe and how remote working has allowed them to attract outstanding talent that they would not have met in a conventional office environment.


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