Selling Value, Not A Product | Tech Salescraft with Snir Ben Shimol, CSO at Cider Security

We look at embedding value into the heart of our business operations on this episode of Tech Salescraft, as James is joined by Snir Ben Shimol, CSO at Cider Security.

We begin by exploring what exactly a Chief Strategy Officer does, and the influence they hold over creating an effective sales process and strong pipeline. For Snir, being CSO means ensuring the company vision, mission and goals align, and that this is reflective of the customer needs. Snir’s role is far from siloed, and what follows is a fascinating exploration of the multi-faceted demands of sales.

Most critically, James and Snir discuss how salespeople can ensure they are selling value, not just a product. Making this distinction, and then acting upon it, can make a marked difference in return and revenue.

And how do you find the salespeople that can execute the latter effectively, irrespective of your global location? Snir guides us through his approach to interviews and what it takes to identify those who will be coachable, dynamic and value-centric.

Thank you Snir for joining us on Tech Salescraft!


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