It’s Time to Reimagine the Sales Playbook | Tech Salescraft with Michelle Pietsch, Founding Partner of Minot Light Consulting

Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Michelle Pietsch, Founding Partner of Minot Light Consulting.

Michelle’s career journey is extensive, taking her through some exciting start-up firms, and exposing her to a plethora of learns that have informed her approach to sales excellence.

We start at the beginning of a career, exploring hiring and qualification. Michelle and James reignite the conversation around references, discussing their value and role in creating an effective hiring strategy. We also look at the use of role plays and presentations, and how to deploy these revealing tools well.

And data emerges a topical point of conversation. Buying into the power of data is still undervalued, and when it is invested in, it’s often not used to its full potential. Michelle reminds us of the role data plays in elevating our potential, particularly when in a start-up environment that lacks the processes and foundations of a more established company.

Thank you Michelle for joining us on the show!


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