Identifying the Must-Have Characteristics for Hiring

Tech Salescraft with Eliza Foltz, CRO of Pretaa

Joining James on today’s episode of Tech Salescraft is Eliza Foltz, CRO at Pretaa.

Eliza provides a profound glimpse into her life and past experiences that have shaped her journey to Pretaa, a tech start-up dedicated to leveraging technology for the betterment of human well-being, particularly in substance use disorder treatment.

The conversation delves into Pretaa’s impactful work and their integration of technology into addiction treatment, as well as their mission, values, and unique challenges.

Eliza emphasizes the importance of hiring individuals with certain key characteristics, including emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience, and mission orientation. She highlights the significance of diversity of thought, intelligence, and emotional intelligence in building relationships and understanding customers’ needs.


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