Becoming a Chief Revenue Officer | Nabeel Ebrahim, CRO at Behavox

On this episode of Tech Salescraft, James is delighted to welcome Nabeel Ebrahim, Chief Revenue Officer at Behavox to the show.

This is an episode brimming with invaluable insights, particularly given he entered the industry following a slightly unconventional path. Nabeel shares the opportunities he received as someone who understood sales from an alternative angle, propelling his career.

Nabeel also reflects on what it means to be a leader, including key points on how to ensure customer success and cultural fit, as well as running and hiring a great team in a remote world. His leadership journey has not been linear, but he shares how deployed his legal learns to help him better weather these learning curves.

This is a fantastic episode not to be missed- Nabeel, it was a pleasure having you on this episode of Tech Salescraft!


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