High Performance + No Culture = Burnout | Tech Salescraft with Pete Blackhurst, VP Revenue– International, Trackforce Valiant

Welcome back to another episode of Tech Salescraft. Today, James is joined by the incredible Pete Blackhurst, Vice President Revenue, International at Trackforce Valiant.


Pete has an extensive career in sales– mainly in the Saas space– and from this, he has put together a methodology around how he brings valuable culture into an organisation.

The pair discuss the key points of a typical onboarding process and how many employers miss crucial opportunities to get the best out of the candidate.

Pete states, “there’s a certain trait that I look at; of course, drive is one and coachability and passion.”

From sharing the ‘5 common goals’ methodology, to building a culture of continuous learning, Pete provides a wide range of anecdotes and ideas that all sales leaders can– and should– learn from.


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