Finding Secrets, Building Security

Tech Salescraft with Itzik Alvas, Co-Founder and CEO of Entro Security

We’re identifying your secrets (and learning how to protect them) on this episode of Tech Salescraft.

James is joined by Itzik Alvas, Co-Founder and CEO at Entro Security — a renowned cybersecurity expert with an exciting global mission.

Originally a CISO, Itzik abandoned this relatively stable lifestyle to become a Founder. We learn why he made this move; exploring the motivators, industry pain points, and journey since.

We know all good businesses are centred around these pain points. But with Itzik and Entro Security, they bring a new edge with their solution. Keeping the developers they serve in mind, they’ve created a far more efficient, accessible and impactful tool to help businesses tackle their most pressing security issues.

And we delve into that global mission. With Itzik soon leaving Israel and relocating to Boston, we learn why this move is necessary, and what it means for the future of Entro Security.


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