Empowered to make Mistakes | Tech Salescraft with Marie Brunet, Global VP of Sales at Uniphore

Welcome back to a new episode of Tech Salescraft! And this time James is delighted to be joined by Marie Brunet, Global VP of Sales at Uniphore.

Having worked at  globally recognised firms (including Facebook!), Marie exposes us to her varied career, and what such a diverse professional journey has taught her.

Marie empowers us to make mistakes. We are reminded just how important the working environment is in boosting our development; and if that space doesn’t allow you to fail, you’re not going to learn.  This intrinsically links to Marie’s thoughts on self-reflection and development where if you can’t recognise your downfalls, you’re never going to possess a genuine want for improvement.

We explore how the latter links to Marie’s approach to interviewing prospective employees. Marie not only looks for their strengths, but also their weaknesses. And a persons response to this is vital to revealing whether they’ll be a good cultural fit…

Thank you Marie for joining us on the show- it was a pleasure to feature your attuned thoughts.


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