A Commitment to Technology Innovation Tech Salescraft with Alex Lyhovez, Co-Founder& VP at SPS-APP

On today’s episode of Tech Salescraft, James is delighted to welcome Alex Lyhovez, Co-Founder & VP at SPS-APP.

Alex joins us to unpack his start-up expertise, derived from an exciting journey across major health organisations, renowned advisory boards, and an impressive array of entrepreneurial ventures. With a keen focus on sales for over ten years, Alex translates this experience into tangible advice, imparting what it takes to grow, succeed, advise, and be a positively disruptive leader.

The pair also explore the challenges of talent acquisition in sales. As a founder, deciding when to bring your first salesperson into the business can be difficult- not to mention how to find them and deciding what the interview process looks like. Alex shares his tangible advice to address this, revealing what more you can be doing to be distinctively ahead of competitors.


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