Trading Stability for the Founder Lifestyle



Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Omer Brookstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Xyte.

There’s no sugar coating it: the Founder Lifestyle is outside the comfort zone of many, associated with risk and instability. But for Omer, the challenge was an attractive one and led him to founding the incredibly successful Xyte.

Lying behind the success of the company is an awareness that challenges are infinite. When you launch a product, the challenge doesn’t just disappear; challenges evolve and arise daily; your solution needs to evolve and innovate with this, ensuring you are constantly addressing marketplace demand.

Omer has curated an exceptional team to ensure they are addressing the latter day-in, day-out.

Omer’s vision for hiring has orientated around building a strong core team, onboarding individuals that compliment the company mission. And crucially, Omer seeks diversity of thought. Innovation won’t come from a team that all think and act as you do.

Thank you Omer for joining us on Tech Salescraft!



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