Navigating Cultures for Successful Worldwide Growth | Tech Salescraft with Lori Brigg, CRO at Zesty

Welcome back to another episode of Tech Salescraft. Today, James is joined by Lori Brigg, CRO of Zesty, all the way from sunny California.

Lori has a proven pedigree in sales teams in scale-up organisations– which is no easy task– and is here today to share her learns along the way. She has been in various customer success roles for the vast majority of her career, where “the value-based selling was always there in one aspect or another”.

Over the last 2 years, Lori has been establishing the business development side of Zesty and recently made the move from Israel to California to “open-up shop” and improve communication with their US customers; who are responsible for generating 70% of their revenue.

In their discussion, Lori shares the incredible growth of Zesty, from her first day as the 7th employee to now being a company of 113 and having an array of “very strong VCs” behind them.

Lori also details her strategy for hiring top talent both in Israel and North America, and describes top tips for navigating the two cultures.

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