The Sales Coach and the A-Player Team | Tech Salescraft with Tim Baird, VP of Sales at Emperia

On today’s episode of Tech Salescraft, James is joined by Tim Baird, VP of Sales at Emperia.

Tim joins us to talk about his impressive experience as a sales leader and building sales teams internationally while navigating cultural differences. Currently, he is based in Essex, but has previously had the privilege of working in North America, South Africa and more recently Dubai.

A desire to experience culture and to travel is partly why he’s found himself in such an adventurous role. Tim shares how his exposure to different cultures has shaped him to be the open-minded leader that he is today.

To be a good sales leader, you must be a good sales coach. Tim elaborates on his strategy for hiring A-players and how to identify someone’s true potential.

Tim also offers his advice for any first-time founders and leaders who are looking to make their first international hire.

Thank you, Tim, for joining us!


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