Dashboard Warriors, AI Tourists and Closing the ‘Ability Gap’ | Steven Morell, Renowned CRO

On this episode, James is joined by Steven Morell, CRO at AX Semantics, all the way from Stuttgart.

From his first sales job in the 80s to now, Steven discusses how the dynamic and customer journey has changed and what factors have taken part in that.

“Figuring out where to buy what was very difficult back in the day… Now, when you get in touch with a customer and pitch them a solution to their problem, while they’re talking to you they’re googling this problem. They’re already compiling market research, so effectively you’re talking to people who have already soft-purchased your solution. You’re coming into the decision process way later than you used to and that changes the physics of what you do and what you have to pay attention to dramatically.”

Steven also talks in depth about the importance of structuring your business’ go-to-market strategy early on and how to hone in on the customer’s decision-making journey for a quick, transparent sales cycle.

This is a really insightful episode full of valuable tips and advice.


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