How do we break out of the remits of a Singular Industry? | Lee Campbell, CEO at CubeLogic

On the latest episode of Tech Salescraft, James was joined by Lee Campbell, CEO of CubeLogic. This episode is brimming with attuned insights into the complexities of company acquisitions, the demands of leadership, and the challenges of sales. We explore product development, focusing on crafting a solution that outlives trends and breaks out of the remits of a singular industry. Lee is a true industry pioneer who brings a wealth of experience to his conversation with James; this blog simply touches the surface of a fantastic episode.

“The solution was built from the ground-up, not with any specific customer in mind.”

Prior to the development of CubeLogic, Lee had spent time at the fore of the industry, experiencing the pain points and pitfalls of the sphere firsthand. From this, he and his team were able to develop a product that reflected the wider marketplace experience and offered a solution that catered for the many. By not limiting themselves to a singular client’s demands, they were able to transcend industry boundaries and create an innovative, generic product. Generic is often seen as unacceptable in such a disruptive space, but with a comprehensive, exceptional technology stack, firms can overcome the taboo. Lee has unlocked the potential of a reflective product, and shown that the industry can be bigger than a singular difficulty.

“If you want to grow, to keep it going, to be scalable, you have to go on your own journey.”

The role of a founder can be complex and convoluted; an inability to grasp the opportunities and responsibilities the role brings can impede growth when founders struggle to see how they can delegate and empower others on their team. Lee brings this fascinating conversation to this episode of Tech Salescraft, stressing the importance of empowering more senior people throughout the first phase of your growth cycle to ensure future progression. By delegating to the senior members of your team, founders are better able to embark on their own growth journey that will undoubtedly benefit the firm long term. Delegation can be difficult, but through building a team you trust and is talent-dense, you can share responsibilities to further your own personal development.

This was a brilliant edition to this series of Tech Salescraft, and was an absolute pleasure to feature the fantastic thoughts of Lee. With such a wealth of experience and evident passion for business development, Lee imparts invaluable advice that could transform the mindset of any firm, for the better. Thank you Lee for joining us on the show, it was a pleasure to feature your brilliant insights!

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