Capitalising on a Dynamic Marketplace | Tom Doyle, Sales Expert

On a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, James was delighted to be joined by Tom Doyle, Area Vice President of EMEA at Bringg. Bringing a wealth of experience to the show, and evident passion for sales and hiring, Tom offers us an exclusive look at the dynamic sales marketplace, and imparts strategies that will allow us all to stand-out. Exploring the ever topical position of A-Players, and the role of recruitment agencies in your processes, Tom’s conversation with James is a truly insightful exploration of themes that are at the fore of every business leaders mind.
‘The A-Players aren’t the people that come with the process… it’s the characteristics behind them that make them an A-Player, but once they get the process, it elevates them to a whole new level.’
Every business wants to onboard A-Players that will disrupt and transform the firm. But as highlighted by Tom, the exact definition of an A-Player is highly contested across every industry- particularly in finance. Are they someone who has mastered the process and can duplicate it in any scenario? Or are they someone with the ambition and drive to learn the process, securing opportunities throughout the development journey? Tom highlights why the latter is more desirable, citing the importance of innate traits over learned skills. If you hire an individual with an inherent desire to grow and invest in the firm, they will take that passion to every process they learn. Hiring a “ready-made” team member may be the easier option, but it does not always serve you well long term.
“You can’t use recruitment as a point service. You need to see it as a relationship.”
As emphasized previously, and in many episodes of Tech Salescraft, finding and acquiring exceptional talent that is right for your business can often be difficult. Tom recognizes this struggle and highlights the role recruitment firms can play in easing this burden. By allowing recruitment agencies the chance to comprehensively understand what it means to work at your firm, and effectively translate this to candidates, you are opening up a more expansive talent pool you may not have been able to do on your own. Tom stresses that it is possible to do this journey on your own, but you must perfect a strategy that allows you to sell your business to candidates and includes:
• An understanding of your market fit
• Growth strategy
• An acknowledgment of how the leadership structure works
• And stressing why you came to work for that business
Hiring is a multi-faceted process, but Tom breaks down the complexity to digestible stages on a fantastic episode of Tech Salescraft.
Thank you Tom for such a brilliant conversation! Tom’s thorough understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the market makes for a revealing episode that exposes us to the tools and mindsets that can alleviate difficulties. You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms on the Tech Salescraft channel.