The Strength of Organisational Empowerment | Tech Salescraft with Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd

Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd, shared his thoughts on organisational empowerment on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft. Speaking with James, Roly imparted his eye-opening approach to company growth, looking at differing means of investment, and alternatives to monetary catalysts. We also look at crafting a performance culture, and demystifying performance management, and the impact it can have on your firm. This episode reveals there is more to the founding journey than risk, and we are encouraged to see a new approach to business in the Tech Sales space.

“When I first created the business, I was also starting a family- so I wanted to take more of a low profile, low risk approach. In other words, I created a business that heavily relied on the success of the product.”

In a departure from typical founder dialect, Roly explains why he opted for a “low risk” approach to business formation. More often than not, venturing into the founding world is synonymous with challenges and pitfalls; and whilst Roly’s journey wasn’t free from those, he wanted to minimise the impact and frequency. And this led to the ultimate test of product market fit. The success of Appraisd rested upon the product it surrounded, which seems common sense. But by placing such weight on the product, initial investment went here- and as this led to success, the business was able to organically grow around this. Not to sound cliché, but every founding journey is different. Accepting that not every founding journey is defined by risk is crucial to diversifying the sector, and encouraging more to start their own founder journey.

“Our business focuses around performance, alignment and progression.”

Core values give direction and purpose to your product, personal development and understanding of the marketplace. For Roly, he created values that fed into one another, and created an inherent path towards the next project. The basis is performance: business excellence and creating a comprehensive basis from which everything can grow from. Alignment follows, ensuring the performance results of everyone across the team converge and feed into wider, collective company goals. And then progression; ensuring performance and results feed into the next business step. This is an eye-opening approach to values. Understanding how each contributes to a cyclical cycle of development is far more effective than siloed superlatives that lack clear direction.

Thank you Roly for joining us on this episode of Tech Salescraft. This episode is a masterclass in business excellence, and encouraging us to embrace the unconventional when beginning our own founding journey.