Identifying World-Class Salespeople

Hiring salespeople is easy. Hiring good salespeople that fit your business isn’t. Here are some of the things you need to consider when hiring exceptional salespeople:

Cultural fit

Are they a lone wolf or a team player? Aggressive or consultative? Will this person fit the style of your sales organisation? Will the person complement or destabilise your current team?

Start-up vs Scale-up vs Established Company

Some salespeople are best suited to the hustle and grind of a start-up, others are better at navigating the internal challenges of getting deals done at a larger company. Are you looking for someone that suits the current phase of your business?

Sales Process

Certain companies expect the first demo to be done by the salesperson, others prefer sales engineers or solutions consultants to do them. Some use MEDDICC and others Miller Heiman, some don’t have a defined methodology.

Complex sales vs Transactional

In certain scenarios, high-value deals demand input from multiple decision makers before being signed-off; however some salespeople prefer a more rapid deal process- transactional, quick but lower ticket wins. Are you hiring someone with patience for the longer sales cycles?

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