High Performance Sales Leadership | Danny Gal, Chief Revenue Officer at ClauseMatch

On a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, James was delighted to be joined by Danny Gal, Chief Revenue Officer at ClauseMatch. Danny gives us a fascinating look at high performance sales leadership and the steps we should adopt to help us get to optimum performance. From how to propel your business forwards, to the difference the right people on your team can make, this episode is brimming with actionable advice we can all use to elevate our potential.
“You’ve got to ask, what are your business goals in the short, mid and long term. And then challenge those.”
Whilst ambition may be a trait the majority of founder have, realism can be difficult to identify. Danny highlights the importance of challenging the goals set. Challenge them based on data acquired on market traction; assess how the marketplace is responding to the product and establish goals centered around that. Danny breaks down goal-setting into digestible steps: look at what needs to be achieved; establish what has to be done; and ensure everyone is aware of what needs to be executed on- all of this should be done within a given timeframe. By building a plan against the latter, Danny highlights this will allow you to take your business to the next stage as you create a robust process that is characterised by clarity and high performance.
“A key goal of any meeting with clients is to understand their pains, and establish whether you can do anything to address them.”
Danny brings to light in his conversation with James the issue of founders focusing on the wrong sales points when they are in meetings with clients. It is often too founder-led and focuses too much on the selling points of their business, as opposed to the clients business. In order to rectify this issue, Danny stresses the importance of putting the clients at the center of the conversation and working to establish their pain points. However, Danny highlights that the worst question you can ask is: “What are the problems you have?”. Instead, endeavor to get a comprehensive view of the clients ambitions, goals, and hurdles, and from that identify the pain points your product can help them address.
“As your business grows, your firm will demand different roles. And the key is identifying what those roles are, and who is the best type of person to fill them.”
Hiring is often a pain point for many firms and can be difficult to know when is the right time to hire, and who is the best person for the job. But Danny again stresses the importance of setting goals when it comes to hiring. Understanding how people fit into your wider business plan, and how they help you achieve your goals is critical. People should be embedded into your business from the off with a clear idea in mind what their role demands. This doesn’t mean they have a background that exactly matches what they’ll be doing in their new job- but rather a passion and aptitude to succeed.
Danny’s discussion with James truly allowed us to explore the multifaceted nature of the sales world. The complexity can often be daunting but Danny’s ability to create digestible, actionable tips makes for a brilliant conversation. Thank you Danny for joining us! The full episode is now available to watch on our YouTube channel, or listen to it now on all major podcast streaming platforms.