An Unconventional Approach to Success

Ifty Kerzner, Co-Founder of Kissterra

Ifty Kerzner, Co-Founder of Kissterra, joined James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft for a fantastic conversation that put value at the heart of sales. We’re offered an exclusive look at Ifty’s understanding of value-centricity. It’s a term brought up frequently on Tech Salescraft – and one crucial to successful sales- but do you know how to truly implement it? Ifty offers us a three step plan that works to transform our approach to value in sales.

“A: Make sure your technology actually works and brings value. B: Make sure you can prove that value. And hopefully you can prove that value immediately.”

We all know that being value-centric is a key driver of success; but making this part of your go-to-market strategy is easier said than done. For Ifty, the latter underpins your present and future strategy. Sales should not be done without this in mind. A value-centric go-to-market strategy is multilayered. It begins with the product: does my product work? Will it contribute to an organisation’s success? Is it able to adapt and respond to varying, unique circumstances. Having a product that works may seem common sense but it’s making sure it works for a diverse range of customers, not just you and a limited sample.

Secondly, you need to prove that value. Don’t make the value a visionary statement. Show clients real-time wins, the immediate success they can gain. And make obtaining that value accessible. It’s not enough to simply verbalise why this product will help you win; make sure that upon implementation, the product immediately becomes synonymous with value.

“C: Know who in an organisation you’re selling to. What are you selling to them? And why?”

And finally, Ifty stresses the importance of knowing how value fits into your sales pitch and cycle. Essentially, KYC: Know Your Customer. You need to understand their problems to prove value. As competition increases, as the marketplace becomes inundated with value statements, you need to be targeted, specific, and ready to talk to a unique niche.

Thank you Ifty for joining us on Tech Salescraft! For further insights from Ifty, watch his full conversation with James now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms.