Translating Experience into Sales Success | Tech Salescraft with Eran Baron, Co-Founder & CEO of

Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Eran Baron, Co-Founder & CEO of

Eran shares with us his journey through GM and CFO roles, and embarking on the entrepreneurial path which ultimately led to him co-founding,

The pair explore how his time as CFO and passion for operations- along with fascinating experience within start-ups- informed how he approached his role as founder. Understanding business nuances and an ability to unite professional silos gave Eran and the team a truly elevated starting point.

Eran’s biggest challenge was understanding how to effectively translate satisfied customers into sales team expansion. We explore the steps Eran took to ensure every customer was engaged, was acknowledged, and became a trusted part of the sales pipeline- even during start-up turbulence.

Thank you for joining us Eran on Tech Salescraft!


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