The Hard Truths of Entrepreneurship and How to Survive Them

Tech Salescraft with Aki Eldar, Co-Founder & CEO of Mirato

Joining James on today’s episode of Tech Salescraft is Aki Eldar, Co-Founder & CEO of Mirato.

In this episode, Aki delves into the origins and operations of his current venture, which aims to revolutionise the TPRM landscape through innovative AI technology that enhances efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs.

Aki shares his journey, his stories shed light on the essential mindset for founders, emphasising creativity, the courage to fail, and the critical importance of adaptability in business strategies.

Join us as Aki provides insightful, firsthand advice on navigating the complexities of startup environments, from achieving product-market fit to assembling a high-performance team. His reflections offer invaluable lessons on leadership, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of impact.


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