Scaling for Success Across Cultures | Tech Salescraft with Alex Zeltcer, Founder & CEO at

On today’s episode of Tech Salescraft, James is joined by Alex Zeltcer, Founder and CEO of

Alex shares his journey and insights on scaling operations, hiring the right people, and navigating the challenges of the startup world. With an engineering background and a career in the high-tech industry, Alex has always had the itch to embark on a startup journey.

In this podcast, Alex shares the origins of his previous company and how his time living in Chicago helped him navigate the North American culture and make better hiring decisions in global expansion.

He shares lessons learned from past failed hires and how he approaches hiring differently; putting culture above experience.

According to Alex, in startups, there are only two types of people: engines or weights, and it’s important to identify the engines to boost the business.

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