Revolutionising Sales with Technology | Tech Salescraft with Boaz Albaranes, VC Special

In this episode of Tech Salescraft, host James Hounslow speaks with Boaz Albaranes, a VC with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Boaz shares his insights on how to excel in tech sales, including the importance of building relationships with customers, understanding their needs and pain points, and effectively communicating the value of your product or service.

Throughout the conversation, James and Boaz discuss various strategies and tactics for driving sales success in the tech industry, such as leveraging social media and networking events to build your brand and network, developing a strong sales pitch that resonates with your target audience, and continuously learning and adapting to the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Boaz also shares some of his personal experiences and challenges in the tech sales world, including the importance of persistence and resilience when facing rejection or difficult customers. Overall, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to improve their tech sales skills and achieve success in this fast-paced and competitive industry.

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