Owning Your Sales Domain | Tech Salescraft with Jeff Glickman, EVP Global Sales at Referral-AI

Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Jeff Glickman, EVP Global Sales at Referral-AI.

We gain exposure to the thoughts and processes of one of sales most prominent leaders and experts. Jeff offers a fantastic exploration of his hiring strategies, personal development process, and revenue-generating mindsets.

The pair dispute the notion that all the best A-Players possess a generic skillset. Jeff reminds us of the importance of seeking diverse skills, and bringing to the fore your commitment to create an environment in which all abilities can thrive.

Jeff also guides us through his approach to the interview process, imparting his advice to those currently seeking their next role. You’re reminded to be open and honest, not letting politeness distract you from addressing any potential worries you have.

And what do all successful salespeople do? They take ownership of their domain. They become mentors, become obsessed with excellence, and guide a team to inevitable success.

Thank you Jeff for joining us on Tech Salescraft for this honest conversation on sales brilliance.

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