Hiring Across all Stages of Growth | Tech Salescraft | Mark Mayerfeld, CRO at GK8

On today’s episode of Tech Salescraft, James is joined by Mark Mayerfeld, CRO at GK8.

This episode is a fantastic exploration of hiring across all stages of growth- and how to translate this into global expansion. Mark shares his approach to hiring at the start-up stage, stressing the key factors that inform company creation in this new working era.

The Pandemic undoubtedly changed the way we work, and Mark stresses the benefits this welcomed in. Firms have now greater flexibility when it comes to hiring; they’re no longer limited to a single geography.

But of course global growth is never easy, irrespective of company size. Mark shares the challenges he faced when hiring for remote sales roles across North America; the need to adapt leadership style and create a universal culture were some immediate considerations. Yet the importance of recognising that the most talented individuals aren’t always on your doorstep trumps any worries- worries that are often addressable.

Thank you Mark for joining us on Tech Salescraft!

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