Exploring the Essence of Founder-Market Fit | Tech Salescraft with Amir Konisberg, Serial Entrepreneur Executive and Angel Investor

In today’s episode of Tech Salecraft, James is joined by successful serial entrepreneur, Amir Konisberg, all the way from Israel.

Having grown up in the UK, studied in the US, lived in Germany– and now living in Israel for the last 30 years– Amir has been exposed to a unique, enriching career.

Amir’s tech career started at Google in 2005 as he set up their Israeli operations. Since then, he has worked with other large multi-national companies and founded 5 of his own.

His fascination with technology– combined with the inspiring methodologies of strong leaders– has propelled Amir into an exciting tech world as a successful founder and entrepreneur.

He is here today to share his lessons in building start-ups, hiring “A-Players” and the idea of ‘Founder-Market Fit’.


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