Exploring Israel’s Hub of Sales Innovation | Tech Salescraft with Gal Aga, CEO & Co-Founder Aligned

Welcome back to a new episode of Tech Salescraft! And this time James is delighted to be joined by Gal Aga, CEO & Co-Founder at Aligned.

Gal shares his impressive background- from the military, to successfully becoming a sales leader- and it’s clear that his drive, determination and mindset propelled his career.

Looking closely at his current position, Gal reflects on the transferrable skills he has adopted through his varied career; and how these have seen him through the biggest challenges he has faced. And Gal applies an optimistic spin to these adversities, sharing the opportunities he received because of these experiences.

We also gain an insight into how to get hiring, the interview processes and sales playbooks right- along with a special recruitment question for James: How do you find top performers?

This is a great discussion not to be missed- Gal, it was a pleasure having you on this episode of Tech Salescraft!

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