An Unconventional Approach to Success | Tech Salescraft with Ifty Kerzner, Co-Founder at Kissterra

Joining James on this episode of Tech Salescraft is Ifty Kerzner, Co-Founder of Kissterra.

Ifty shares his unique insights into the growth of Kissterra. Sitting behind this growth is enthusiasm, hard work and an innovative mindset- and a non-traditional sales function.

Trust and ‘non-standard’ are synonymous with the work of Kissterra. Ifty has embraced the conventional selling routes (going to conferences and meeting people face-to-face), but has also propelled his business to success through selling wine and fragrances, alongside technology.

And the pair explore international expansion. Having made their first hire in North America last year, Ifty shares their exciting 2023 plans to broaden their US footprint, as well as global expansion.

Thank you for joining us Ifty on Tech Salescraft!


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