Hire Humans First, and Sales Experts Second | Tech Salescraft with Ross Halliday, CRO of Human Made

Welcome to today’s episode of Tech Salescraft. Today, James is delighted to be joined by Ross Halliday, CRO at Human Made.

Since 2008, Ross has been in a leadership position and found it was a rather fitting role for him due to his natural quality of decision making and supporting others.

Ross shares his advice for first-time founders and how to support your teams through challenging times. He shares, “the most critical thing is consistency” and believes that, while it can be counter-intuitive, many businesses will opt to change their strategy and behavior quickly, rather than consolidating their strengths.

Finally, we get an insight into the hiring process at Human Made and Ross’ thoughts on what to look for in new talent. He believes that seeing the human side of someone, i.e. their personal interests and character, is much more important and telling than how much money that person has made, as it’s all relative. Ross also dives into how to build a successful company culture in a global, remote-first team.

Thank you to Ross for joining us, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for yourself and Human Made!

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