Selling Value, Not a Product | Snir Ben Shimol, industry-leading Chief Strategy Officer

Joining James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft was Snir Ben Shimol, renowned CSO. As Chief Strategy Officer, Snir is uniquely positioned to commentate on the nuances that sit behind an effective sales process, and the catalysts you need to implement to generate an effective pipeline. The focus throughout this conversation is value. For Snir, value guides the processes and tone of the business, and is changing an arguably archaic sales narrative. Snir showcases the substance behind value, and debates with James what it takes to truly orientate your business towards delivering a customer-focussed solution.

“We need to change the narrative from selling features, selling technologies, and selling products, into selling value.”

Snir encourages us to reframe our core understanding of sales; transferring our focus from results and statistics, to instead focussing on the processes and building blocks that create successful results. Value-centric approaches inherently invite us to focus on product market fit, and creating a solution that is truly reflective of the needs of the marketplace. This conversation is becoming increasingly prominent in the marketplace, with many Tech Salescraft guest commentating on the need for us to reassess the focus of our sales process. Embedding your value into your company mission and vision can be relatively straightforward; the next step after this is ensuring your team is invested in this approach.

“One of the first things I did when I joined Cider was build an onboarding process. I establish the KPI’s, I demonstrate best practice, and I ensure they have access to the resources they need to succeed.”

Snir stresses the importance of the onboarding process in building that investment piece for employees. Demonstrating how you can bring value to the fore in practice is crucial to creating that tangible understanding of what your products value truly is. Snir guides us through the work he has done to create a masterclass in sales excellence for each new team member during their first month. Most notably, Snir has created resources that demonstrate best practice: he has recorded his phone conversations, turning these into resources in which individuals can understand a successful sales process; and people are invited into initial customer conversations to understand a value-driven pitch. Onboarding sets a tone; and creating tangible demonstrations of your values is a powerful way to set a truly dynamic pace from the start.

Thank you Snir for joining us on Tech Salescraft! This a fantastic exploration of value in sales; confirming it is far more than just a business buzzword, but rather a defining characteristic of the sales process.

You can watch the full episode now on YouTube, or listen across all major podcast streaming platforms here.