Navigating Cultures for Successful Worldwide Growth | Lori Brigg, CRO at Zesty

Joining James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, all the way from California, was Lori Brigg, CRO at Zesty. Her vast experience in a wide array of customer success roles has exposed Lori to the truly global nature of communications; broadening her understanding of what it takes to curate an expansive client base, irrespective of geographies. Such previous professional exposure has meant Lori has been instrumental in propelling the growth of Zesty- a firm that now has a team of over 100 driven individuals! Lori imparts her advice on what it takes to identify exceptional individuals that will accelerate your growth; and how firms can tap into the wealth of international sales opportunities that are currently rife across a range of marketplace verticals.

“I tell employees, ‘this is how high I need you to jump’. And I expect them to tell me what tools I need to provide them with that will take them to these exceptional heights.”

Lori brilliantly explores what it means to support your team members, and equip them to achieve success. Whilst it is crucial to onboard individuals that possess skills and characteristics that raise the company bar, it is vital to acknowledge that brilliant skills are only part of the equation. Invest in tools, learning and development opportunities, and create an environment in which people can communicate their needs and discuss the support they require. Environment is key to creating open conversations that will ensure employees can honestly express company shortcomings, and catalyse processes that will rectify this. Investing in learning and development is crucial to complimenting the organic skills you have in your firm; so create a space where people can influence the structures they need.

“When interviewing, you need to acknowledge that you’re not perfect, the candidate isn’t perfect. Create an environment in which you can openly discuss this.”

Again Lori, highlights the importance of environment; this time, in the rather condensed setting of the interview stage. Interviews carry a reputation for being highly-constructed and spaces where you must present a highly embellished version of yourself. Lori wants to dismantle this setting, instead creating spaces in which people can bring their authentic selves, and also address any doubts or worries they may have about the firm. This also demands that the interviewer brings their authentic views, and a willingness to admit that there is always the opportunity to improve. The interview process should offer an insight into the firm, and authentically pitch what the first day, month and year at the firm may look like. James bolsters this, sharing his advice on how you can ensure this mindset is present across all interview stages.

Thank you Lori for joining us on Tech Salescraft! This episode is a brilliant exploration of authenticity in business- influencing positive change across the sales space.

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