Minimise the Risk of Failure | Avi Wiesenberg, Founder of Scaling Revenues Consulting

Joining James from Israel on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft is Avi Wiesenberg, Founder of Scaling Revenues Consulting. Avi helps us explore the ever-fascinating start-up space, guiding us through the often inevitable volatility and the stability of success during the founding stages. Hence, we explore what it takes to minimise the risk of failure. Whilst experience and awareness are key, Avi also reveals the importance of an exceptional talent strategy. Making your next crucial hire can be tricky, irrespective of your company growth stage; but it is particularly challenging in the early stages of a company. James and Avi discuss their understanding of recruiting for a start-up, and the hiring startegies that catalyse success.

“I want to see them sell. If their job is going to be sales, I want them to sell to me. I want to see how they approach it, understand their process; understand what they do to reach a solution.”

Far too often, interview processes fail to create an environment in which the interviewee can showcase their skillset. Whilst their paper credentials and answers to typical interview questions may match your criteria, they fail to offer an authentic reflection of how the person will perform in the role. Avi guides us through his approach to the interview process, revealing the practical performance element he incorporates into it to ensure he is truly exposed to the motivations of the candidate. Irrespective of seniority, everyone is subjected to a similar process, as the core motivations of this structure are able to reveal skills at all levels. Process is key in sales; and having a process that is consistently geared towards building a solution and success, is a truly standout attribute in the recruitment process- and makes you confident in your hiring decisions.

“Minimise your points of failure. Earlier stage start-ups don’t often have the room to deal with failings arising from inexperience. So hire right for your growth stage.”

Continuing discussions on hiring, onboarding the right person is crucial to minimising your risk of failure. Whilst it is key to have diversity of experience in your team, in your earliest stages, it isn’t always the most appropriate option. Bringing in experience to establish a strong foundation and marketplace positioning is an indisputable necessity for start-up firms. But when considering hiring someone with less professional exposure, carry out a risk assessment. Understand your scope for failure. Consider what this particular hire will add to your team, and the level at which they will be able to contribute. When the risk of failure is low, bring that person onboard to accelerate success.

Thank you Avi for joining us on Tech Salescraft! We gain unparalleled exposure to the ever-evolving start-up space, and given a global tour of successful growth, hiring and marketplace positioning.

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