Global Growth From Israel | Noam Segev, Vice President of Sales at Shield-IoT

Noam Segev, Vice President of Sales at Shield- IoT, joined James from Israel on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft. The impact Noam has had on the sales space is indisputably significant; he has driven unparalleled growth and implemented scaling programmes that have enabled firms to seize the ever-exciting opportunities the marketplace has to offer. Amidst this, James and Noam explore how to execute upon an effective hiring strategy, irrespective of marketplace turbulence. Identifying traits in a potential new hire that marry perfectly with your vision and mission is no easy task- yet Noam is able to reveal to us what it takes to create conversations and processes that bring these personalities to the fore.

“Business is all about people working with people. If I have someone I enjoy speaking with, and I see we’re speaking the same language, this is an immediate positive identifier of my next hire.”

It shouldn’t be forgot that behind the skills, the professional experience and the metrics, is a person with ambitions, goals, personality and a unique understanding of sales. Noam stresses to us the importance of gauging how well we get on with the person you could potentially be working with. This doesn’t necessarily arise from formal conversations around processes and sales knowledge, but rather understanding why they entered sales and why they wish to join your firm- identify their motivations. Skills and the likes can be taught, but it is far harder to push a parallel mentality onto a person.

“I don’t like to tell people how to do their jobs. I will give them all the knowledge that they need; I will set them goals. And then I will let them pave their own way.”

This statement from Noam makes the latter conversation even more important. Getting good people onboard who will utilise their unique traits to achieve company goals is crucial. Such an approach allows for diversity of thought to thrive and create processes that set you apart from your competition. Giving people the autonomy in their professional life is key to attracting the best talent. Learning and development programmes should be in place, as well as accessible support structures, but beyond that, create a firm that is a hub of individuality.

Thank you Noam for joining us on Tech Salescraft. This episode a strong reminder for what it takes to identify and support the best sales talent; and how to attract them to and retain them in your firm.

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