Curiosity as a Skill | Liam Corcoran, GM & Head of EMEA at BytePlus

Liam Corcoran, GM & Head of EMEA at BytePlus, joined James on our award-winning podcast series, Tech Salescraft. With a career that allows Liam to bring a diverse range of perspectives to the show, we explore sales from the point of view of a Business Founder, a General Manager, and someone just beginning their journey in sales. Understanding sales through various roles has afforded Liam with the unique ability to build comprehensive processes and mindsets at BytePlus that look beyond the conventional. And lying at the centre of this conversation is Liam’s acute appreciation for the value proposition.

“Know your value proposition. Build your business around doing one thing extremely well and have a clear direction that you want to go in.”

Having a “clear” value proposition may seem obvious, but how to execute this is far less “clear”. Establishing clarity around how you intend to add value to the marketplace is the first step for Liam. After that, you can begin considering delivery, customers, sales, and the likes. During the episode, Liam breaks down our understanding of the value proposition into actionable growth phases. Your value proposition isn’t simply a one-off statement that informs the mission and ethos you advertise; it should inform your approach and direction. It will allow you to stay focused, to stay accountable, and guide you to towards the next phase of growth.

“You build the talent acquisition framework around: who am I looking for? Who is the ideal person that can come in at this stage and help us be successful?”

James and Liam have a particularly fascinating conversation around talent acquisition, with a focus on what does the ideal candidate look like. For Liam, any new hire must be curious. They must have a want to truly understand the problems your clients are facing, and in turn provide a solution. They need to be good problem solvers, and can’t be put off by these hurdles. Anecdotally, James tells us about interview processes that include puzzles or problem solving tasks, and how certain firms look for those that seek collaboration and draw upon skillsets beyond your own. Of course it is very dependent upon the nature of the task, but it is interesting to consider, and the pair elaborate on this during this Tech Salescraft episode.

Thank you Liam for joining us on Tech Salescraft! You can watch the full episode on YouTube, or stream across all major podcast platforms.