Building a Cohesive Culture in Cyber

With David Primor, Founder & CEO at Cynomi

Before diving into the world of cybersecurity, David Primor’s professional life started during his time in the Israeli military. Like so many tech founders, the work he did at this stage was a motivator to push him into pursuing a career in tech, and after some time in the military,

David moved into a role joining a team in establishing a cybersecurity authority. He got a perspective of cybersecurity pain points which motivated him to produce his own solution eventually.


Working with the Extraordinary

From the age of three, David wanted to become an entrepreneur, and his military service helped influence his interest in technology.

A degree in electrical engineering was followed by a PhD in the subject after a stint at CERN, the particle acceleration facility in Switzerland.

As a founder and CEO, David relishes working with talented and extraordinary people, and when it comes to making hires, each one matters, no matter which part of the world they hail from.

Cynomi is able to function across multiple timezones, as a seamless multi-national team effort, and each new hire plays a role in making this all possible.


Protecting the Vulnerable

It all comes down to people, from David’s experience. Products are one thing but the talent is a great enabler in getting a start-up where it needs to be. In past work in cybersecurity, David saw a gap for SMEs which lacked protection from threats.

In his view, so many solutions were catering to CISOs at large enterprises but there wasn’t enough help for vulnerable companies in the midmarket and at smaller firms.

Cynomi was precisely that start-up which he believed could plug the gap, and for just over three years, it’s been making a success of doing so ever since.


Building a Solid Culture

Many start-ups try to build their teams by starting domestically and having a core team which is local, speaks the same language and more or less comes from the same culture as the founders.

In Cynomi’s case, David started with a management team in Israel, but allowed the business to grow out into overseas hubs.

R&D is a more remote part of the business, but touching base with this component is essential, and R&D works closely with the product team, while management remains mostly in Israel.

Other aspects of the business are based out in the UK and India. While they couldn’t sound further apart, because of the way David’s management team have gone about hiring professionals, the only major difference between a UK-based employee and an Indian-based one at Cynomi is the time zone.

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