Dashboard Warriors, AI Tourists and Closing the ‘Ability Gap’ | Steven Morell, CRO at AX Semantics

On the latest episode of Tech Salescraft, James was delighted to be joined by Steven Morell, Renowned CRO. Steven has been on quite the journey since his first sales job in the 80s, and he has grown immensely alongside an evolving sales market. From changes to the dynamic customer journey, to the increasing complexities surrounding go-to-market strategies, Steven has seen the demands of the sales world multiply- but create outstanding opportunities whilst doing so. This was an exceptional episode of Tech Salescraft that not only covered past evolution, but looked to future trends and how we can truly enhance the marketplace for the next sales generation.
“You must have situational awareness. What situation is your customer of prospect in? You need to understand that deeply, recognise the situation from their standpoint.”
A key consideration when introducing your product to the market is, does it offer a solution to an actual pain point? Steven is acutely aware of the centrality of the latter, citing the importance of context and being totally aware of contemporary marketplace happenings. And for Steven, the notion of product market fit isn’t a concept exclusive to start-ups, but to every business at every stage of growth. Your product has to evolve with the marketplace, particularly in the technology space. In a marketplace as expansive and as dynamic as tech sales, ensuring you are constantly reevaluating your products suitability is crucial. For Steven, there is a simple way to approach this: “just ask your market.” Do not let your product solely reflect your interpretation of the marketplace but rather the mindsets of the users and the buyers.
“I am brutal when it comes to talent. You cannot be afraid of letting good people go.”
Acquiring and retaining exceptional talent is at the fore of current industry conversations. How do you find the best people? What does it take to attract and retain? How do you standout in such a competitive sphere? For Steven, the answer lies in allowing yourself to be more openminded and expanding your search. Capitalise on the advancements and benefits of recent years and embrace remote working. Exceptional talent may not always be on your doorstep. Allow yourself to acknowledge the advantages of new professional technologies, and elevate your hiring potential.
This was a brilliant addition to this series of Tech Salescraft, and was an absolute pleasure to feature the brilliant thoughts of Steven. Bringing fantastic guidance on marketplace fit and hiring, Steven brought clarity to an increasingly convoluted conversation. Thank you Steven for joining us on the show, it was a pleasure to feature your fantastic insights!