How do we place agility at the fore of development? | Nicola Atchison, VP of Sales at Accruent

On the latest episode of Tech Salescraft, James was joined by Nicola Atchison, Vice President of Sales at Accruent. Nicola brought her impressive background in leadership and sales to the show, providing us with fantastic insights into cultural and professional growth. James and Nicola’s dynamic conversation critically engages with the agile demands of developing a successful sales business; alongside a discussion around the importance of a strong, collaborative team that compliments the latter ambition. This blog offers a snapshot of a truly fantastic episode that is brimming with actionable, invaluable insights.
“Agility must remain at the centre of what we do. I’ve got my playbook and processes, but I always have one eye on the unpredictable.”
For Nicola, agility is an unwavering priority, remaining at the fore of business considerations. In such a dynamic marketplace, being aware of the rapid changes is critical to ensuring your product continuously serves demands and remains relevant to users. Whilst Nicola also highlights the importance of having critical processes and stages (particularly in the context of a large organisation), agility should be interwoven into this. Allowing yourself room to be adaptive, creative and pioneering will give you an indisputable edge over competition. There are events, as the past two years have shown us, that you simply can’t mitigate for. Make agility a limitless part of your playbook.
“Empowerment is key. Allowing people to act and build upon their own ideas is vital to the development of your business.”
The notion of empowerment is one frequently discussed but difficult to put into action. Nicola stresses that empowerment is critical to the development of a strong team, and details the best way to elevate your people. Often the best way to empower someone is to let them take the reins and act upon their intuition. Knowing senior leaders are there for support is key but don’t perpetuate the idea that everything should come from a small representation of your business. Nicola also stresses that by empowering people in this way you are also preventing the development of siloes in your business. People come to expand upon their responsibilities and feel confident in their ability to do the next best thing for the business at large.
This was a brilliant addition to this series of Tech Salescraft, and was an absolute pleasure to feature the fantastic thoughts of Nicola. With such a wealth of experience and evident passion for business development, Nicola imparts invaluable advice that could transform the mindset of any firm, for the better. Thank you Nicola for joining us on the show, it was a pleasure to feature your brilliant insights!