Unlocking A Successful Sales Environment | Matthew Parker, Chief Executive at Babble

Matthew Parker, Chief Executive at Babble, joined James on a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, bringing his attuned knowledge of sales to a fantastic discussion. Recounting his professional journey, Matthew transforms his experiences into tangible advice that will truly allow founders (both aspiring and established) to excel in their field. From his proactive hiring style, to securing the prosperous future of the business, this is a fantastic episode of Tech Salescraft that brings it all to the table.

“Investors know that even if you have a great product, if you don’t have a fantastic sales team, it’s pointless.”

Whilst there are of course exceptions to every rule, Matthew truly highlights the impact a talented sales team can have on the progression of your business. When approaching investors for any stage of funding, they will be concerned with the suitability of the product, and how well it will be delivered to market. Matthew stresses that having a strong sales team in place can mark the difference between gaining investment, and losing out to a competitor. A sales team can help in addressing the issues of how you intend to sell the product, how you will get in front of clients- all fundamental considerations no matter what stage of growth you are at. As Matthew states,

“It’s an investment in growth. It’s an investment in success. It’s an investment in execution.”

It is an investment that amounts to so much more than a simple sales hat.

“You’ve got to give sales people the space, the tools, and the support, the encouragement, and the confidence that they have time.”

A career in sales is often heavily defined by quotas, targets and the likes- placing an immense amount of pressure to constantly be successful in their pursuits. But success is rarely linear. And so Matthew stresses the importance of not creating this culture of panic that will turn them away from your firm and instead create an environment brimming with confidence. Craft networks and practices that support each individual member of your sales team between each week, each month, and longer term. Such a mindset will not only allow you to retain the best talent in the industry, but also encourage a far more positive understanding of success that isn’t warped by the stress of inflexible targets.

This blog simply touches the surface of a truly fantastic conversation between James and Matthew on Tech Salescraft. With such a wealth of experience and evident passion for sales, Matthew imparts invaluable advice that could transform the mindset of any business, for the better. Thank you Matthew for joining us on the show, it was a pleasure to feature your brilliant insights!