How Lemonedge Mastered an Entirely Remote Startup | Jamie Nascimento, Co-Founder and CCO at LemonEdge

On a recent episode of Tech Salescraft, James was joined by Jamie Nascimento, Co-Founder and CCO at LemonEdge. From a passion for marketing, to a keen aptitude for AI, we explore Jaime’s personal journey that led him to founding LemonEdge. In this blog, we offer a snapshot of a brilliant conversation that reveals the people behind the numbers. From pipelines to policies with security in mind, Jamie builds a comprehensive look at sales success.

“Building a pipeline is critical. And we have made a fuller pipeline by acknowledging all parts of our team.”

In sales, it’s all about the numbers. Be it revenue or leads, all come from a comprehensive pipeline that generates the necessary processes. Jamie brings a new edge to the understanding of a pipeline, stressing how important it is to have all members of your team involved in creating such a central business component. Bringing in marketing representatives, members of the product team, as well as sales representatives, allowed for Jamie to unlock the full potential of the firm. Internal collaboration on what the pipeline looks like allows for far greater opportunities and more exciting numbers.

“We invest in our people. We invest in policies that allow them to perform at their absolute best.”

For employees to give their all to the creation of a pipeline, they must be secure, comfortable and present in their roles. Jamie brings the importance of this to light when discussing LemonEdge’s WFH policies. They ensure employees are equipped with everything they need to perform at their best, be that high-speed internet or an ergonomic office chair. WFH has also allowed for the firm to hire on a global scale, unlocking incredible growth opportunities for everyone across various continents. The revenue, the leads, the pipeline are all end results; before they materialise, investment in the people that create them is crucial.

Thank you Jamie for joining us on Tech Salescraft. It was a truly brilliant episode that offered a refreshing take on the sales sphere.